December 2, 2023
Keeping An Eye

Keeping An Eye On Your Spouse

You and the hubby sit comfortably in front of the fire while watching a romantic movie.  His cell phone rings, yet he ignores it as if nothing happened.  You inquire about the call, and he blows off the incident as nothing.  A few more minutes elapse, and the phone rings again.  On this occasion, your husband states that he needs to take the call in private, leaving you alone with an idle mind.  He does not return right away and curiosity begins to burn deep inside of you.  What is the big secret?  Who is he talking to?

Your husband finally returns, hesitant to speak, but eventually fumbles what resembles an excuse.  The two of you continue the movie in silence, as your mind continues to wander.  After the ending credits, he is quite anxious to leave your presence.  Self consciously, you are drawn to the cell phone left he left sitting on the carpet.  Eager to learn more about his strange behavior, you pick it up and search through the most recent phone numbers.  Impulse forces you to dial the last one.  Your heart beats with uncertainty as the phone rings.  Someone picks up on the other end, yet there is mutual silence.  Finally they hang up, leaving you with a bothersome dial tone.

Instantly, you assume the worst; your husband is cheating.  You dash to the home office with haste.  Vigorously you dig through the file cabinet in search of your most recent bill.  You examine your cell phone records and find that the mysterious number has repeated activity.  Now your mind begins to race, thinking of ways to trace that cell phone number to a specific name, preferably the woman who is claiming your husband’s extra time.

Many women panic in this situation.  They instantly think to tail their husband’s every move by hiring a professional private investigator.  While that is not a bad idea, there are other methods to employ.  Performing a reverse search of your husband’s cell phone calls could acquire the information and identity you seek.  This method has proven effective for a curious spouse and is much less expensive than contracting a private investigator.

There are many ways to perform a reverse cell phone search.  In the beginning, you may wish to give the number another call back.  In this instance, you disguise your voice and attempt to sway the cell phone owner out of their identity.  Be polite, tell them you are conducting a survey, or any topic that gets them talking.  While this method is a long shot, it can work and get you one step closer to the truth.

The internet has made it possible to find all types of information.  Search engines are very powerful and designed to pick up on the content you request.  While you w will not be able to pull up a caller’s cell phone records, you may be able learn more about her identity.  By simply typing in a cell phone number, you can find the owner’s name, location and much more.  Individuals are unknowingly making it easier to perform reverse cell phone searches on a constant basis.  People are selling items on Ebay or listing their cell phone number to find a missing pet.  These everyday functions allow you to match a phone number to face without the expensive hassle of a private investigator.

Those seriously looking to get the dirt on their spouse have other internet options.  There are several affordable sites that are designed to provide you with reverse cell phone search results.  Many of them guarantee positive results in the way of reserve cell phone searches.  Simply supply the phone number, and their system does the rest.  You save time and money, while having the name, address, provider information, and other cell phone records delivered to your email box with reverse cell phone lookup.

After finding the required information, you may wish to pry deeper, learn more about this mysterious person playing the sideline.  Online capabilities have made it possible to basically find out about anyone for the right price, including their criminal background, court and public records.  We are now equipped with the tools it takes to play P.I. all by ourselves.

A cheating spouse is something you never want to discover, yet you must act if the signs are present.  In order to protect your best interest in the end, you must get a head start.  A thorough reverse cell phone search and many other avenues could give you the required ammunition it takes to make the most of what could be a bad situation.