December 2, 2023
Your Child’s Caretaker

Know Information about Your Child’s Caretaker’s Past

As parents, we try to provide the very best for our children. For most of us, that means holding down a full-time job in addition to our various parental duties. We normally need to enlist the services of a nanny, a babysitter, or some other type of childcare professional.  Very few of us are lucky enough to have a close friend or family member to entrust with childcare.

We head off to work, leaving our little ones with someone who is not a part of the family, and we wonder if they are capable of having our children’s very best interests at heart. Often, this caretaker will spend more hours out of the waking day with our children than we will.

For this reason, we must be positive the caretaker will put our children’s wants, needs, and overall welfare first. We must ensure this person will not only be devoted to our child, but will also look out for our child’s safety. We must know the caretaker or babysitter is not only mentally capable of making the right decisions, but also has the necessary moral values as well.

Is your child in good hands?

The question we must ask ourselves is – how do we know who is really taking care of our child? How do we know what kind of past history they have? When we hired this person, were there references for us to call, and did we call them?  It’s amazing to find out how many people do not bother to check their care provider’s references.

When we take such painstaking precautions to provide for the health and safety of our children, why do we not take more care looking into those who help us care for them?

Easily find peace of mind through online background checks

A simple background check can be done that will tell you everything you need to know about your child’s caretaker. Online searches will reveal whether your babysitter has a criminal record, including registered sex offenders who have had inappropriate contact with children. You will learn if there are any restraining orders against your day care provider, or any criminal investigations involving them.

If your tot attends a structured childcare center, you can research the business and find out if any negative claims have been made against it.

You can take the time to access each one of these databases yourself, or you can utilize an online business specializing in background checks. Using a business designed for the sole purpose of background searches may cost a small fee, but the time and money you save not having to run all over town finding the records yourself will be well worth it.

Once you have been able to examine your childcare provider’s records, you will be able to relax. You will have the information you need to put your faith and trust into your babysitter or nanny. Or you will know if you need to find someone new.