May 18, 2024
Which is the Right ATV Tire for You?

Which is the Right ATV Tire for You?

There are many reasons to own an ATV. You may need one to haul equipment around your property and to help you with outdoor work. You may want one for hunting to travel through the woods and to transport large game. You may want one just for fun and trail riding or you may want to compete in off-roading and racing. All these reasons are perfectly good ones for owning an ATV and each purpose is best served by a different ATV tire.

There are many different types of ATV tire, some designed for rough and muddy terrain, some designed for snow, some designed for flat ground, and some for racing. The purpose of your ATV should dictate which tire you use and while some tire types will suffice for a few different applications, others are a bad fit.

If your ATV is for enjoyment and you ride in fields and similar terrain for most of the time, the stock tires that came with your ATV will work just fine. It is not until you get into very rough or muddy terrain that you should consider getting different tires. Likewise, if you are going to try your hand at racing, stock tires are not your best choice. If you use your ATV for enjoyment but often find yourself trying to traverse hilly, wet or muddy terrain, you ATV might benefit from a change in tires especially if its performance is suffering.

If you are going to use your ATV in a variety of rough terrain, you should look into mud tires. You should be warned, however, that not all mud tires perform well on regular ground so you should consider just how much time you spend traversing tough terrain and how much time you send tearing around the field or dirt track. Mud tires come with different tread depths, the deeper the tread the better your tires will hold up against rough terrain. You local ATV dealership will be able to suggest which tire type is best for you or you can get advice from other ATV owners. You should make sure that the tires you purchase are the right size for your rims otherwise they can pose a safety threat.

If you mainly drive your ATV on flat ground then standard tires will probably be best for you. Just like cars tires, ATV tires come in a variety of heights and the best height for you is dependent on your driving style. Some tire styles increase the likely hood that your ATV will flip and make it harder to take corners fast. Tall tires will provider you with a gentler ride and give you more ground clearance. Short tires are more stable, however, and make steering easier.

If you do not want to change tires, pick one with an average tread that will perform well on a variety of conditions. If you plan to ride on a variety of terrains that will require different tire types, you may want to invest in a second set. Do not, however, think that you need specialized racing or mud tires unless you frequently drive in muddy terrain or race with your ATV.