May 18, 2024
The Wonders of California Mystic Tan Booth

The Wonders of California Mystic Tan Booth

The vain ones would always take up the courses up to the extreme level simply for the sake of being beautiful. Who said only the women species are vain? In fact, a lot of men are also very much conscious with how they look! When summer approaches, both men and women prefer to get their skin tanned. They would go up to the extent of having to sunbathe near the beaches for a much effective tanned skin. But didn’t you know that there is a much safer way of achieving a tanned skin? Yes, tanning lotions are already hitting its popularity scale.

By and large, the tanning lotions have a lot of benefits for the skin. But more so, its most recognized goodness is its capacity to provide a silky and natural look on the skin. It is able to particularly remove the dead skin and thus let it shine out a pretty and very natural glow.

Furthermore, there is what is known today as the California Mystic tan booth. For more details about the California Mystic tan booth, read on!

First and foremost, the California Mystic tan booth is one self-contained and private unit which utilizes a revolutionary spray procedure in the application of the even quantity of tanning solution all over one’s body. The procedure only eats up a few seconds. After such tanning session, the person being tanned would just have to step out of the California Mystic tan booth, use a towel to remove the excess mists, dress up, and then leave. As easy as that! The output is a fine, natural, and smooth tanned skin.

In the California Mystic tan booth, a MagneTan technology is employed. This patented method is all about making use of the human body’s very own magnetic properties that will exert a pull on the Mystic Tan tanning solution in all of the exposed parts of the skin. The Mystic Tan tanning solution goes through the nozzles of the spray inside the Mystic tan booth and in turn, it gets polarized or goes through the appearances of little magnets.

It is one fallacy to believe that the Mystic Tan booths will leave one’s skin colored orange. The technology employed in the California Mystic tan booths is certain to provide enough coverage all over the body.

The process is much different and reliable in contrast with using the lotions and creams which are applied through the use of the hands. So if you intend to try out one of the California Mystic tan booths, you must wear absolutely nothing so that all of your body will be covered by the tanning process. You need not worry about it since the booth is totally private. If you intend to wear something like a swimsuit, you must expect that it will get stained.

You should not also fear that you will go out of the California Mystic booth dripping wet because the tiny droplets of mist can be toweled off. Plus, the solution applied to your skin will not be wiped off as you towel yourself dry. It is important to note that showering after tanning must be done after four hours so that the DHA content will be allowed enough time to set fully onto the skin. Isn’t it amazing to know that getting a tan is now made a lot easier?