May 18, 2024
Gold State - California

Plan Your Visit to the Gold State – California

If you’re tempted to “go west” for your vacation, and love the idea of long days full of sunshine, then the Gold State is the one for you. California has something for everyone and can cater for all manner of vacation dreams; young and old, budget and high-fliers, vibrant or serene, this state has it all!

The first thing you need to do is decide what you’d like to do on your vacation, this will help you locate the right part of the state to begin your holiday. Do you want to center your vacation in one of the major cities of Los Angeles or San Francisco, and either have a one-center holiday where you explore only that city? Alternatively, do you want to use that city as your gateway and base for a vacation that allows you to explore the coastal areas such as Santa Barbara, or the desert areas of the Joshua Tree National Park?

Are you hoping to sample some home-grown Californian wines in the Napa Valley? Is the Yosemite National Park somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Are you interested in the anticipation of celebrity spotting? Are you hoping for a round or two of golf? Does the idea of taking a short trip into Mexico excite you? Are you taking children who are hoping to visit theme parks? All of these factors will help you identify which part of the Gold State is the right one for you. One things for sure, you’ll be able to do all of those things and a lot more besides in this vibrant state!

Once you know where you’re going, identify what you’ll need. How will you get there? If you intend to hire a car whilst you’re there, is there adequate parking around the place you hope to stay? Would public transport be a better idea for most days with car hire on the days you want to go outside the city? Do you need to make reservations for any accommodation? How about attraction tickets? Do you need to book in advance for any special event at the Rose Bowl? What about any sporting activities you hope to do – is equipment available locally to hire or do you need to take your own?

There are endless opportunities for a vacation of a lifetime in California, and you’ll be able to pack a number of them into your holiday as long as you plan the right destination, so take a good look at the map and carefully plan out a preliminary itinerary – you can always change it when you get there, but at least you’ll be off to a good start by being in the right part of this beautiful part of America.