April 23, 2024
Vacation in San Diego

Things to Do on Vacation in San Diego

If you are looking for something fun to do while your vacationing in San Diego, California, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Besides the usual BIG attractions like Lego Land, Sea World, etc, there are many out of the ordinary activities that are just as much fun, and not quite as packed because they are not as well known.

Put on those walking shoes because your first stop in San Diego should be Balboa Park. Why? Simply because this place has so much to do that it’ll make your vacation in San Diego one you’ll never forget. Imagine 15 museums, beautiful gardens everywhere and the added attraction of concerts. If you’ve children with you they’ll enjoy the mini railroad and carousel within the park. On the northern side of the park you’ll find the San Diego zoo. The zoo consists of 800 species of mammals such as the giant pandas to the hundreds of slithering snakes, but one of its greatest attractions is actually the Skyfari cable car! If you want to see more animals, you should also check out the San Diego Wild Animal Park which you tour around on a monorail that takes about 50 minutes to complete the loop which circles a preserve containing many types of wild animals such as zebras, rhinos and giraffes.

One “must do” activity on your vacation should be to the San Diego maritime museum. It may look on the outside, but looks are deceiving as it has a lot of amazing exhibits inside. This museum itself is housed on a ship. If you like pirates, you’ll love Pirates of the Pacific, inside this ship are all the wonders from William Dampier. Many other ships such as Berkeley, Californian, Pilot, B-39 Submarine, etc are on display. If you are in anyway interested in ships or love maritime history this is going to be a fun place for you.

For something completely different, make sure you visit the La Jolla Underwater Park. This is an awesome natural marine environment complete with caves, sandstone cliffs, reefs, canyons and kelp forests.

San Diego may not have the glitz and glitter of LA, but it has a character all of it’s own, and one things for sure, you won’t get bored there!