February 21, 2024
Kids in Los Angeles

Things to do with Kids in Los Angeles

Taking your children on vacation often means planning ahead to make sure that you uncover all of the interesting places and activities that will be fun for them, as well as for the grown-ups. There are a number of great places in Los Angeles that are child friendly – these are just a taste of what LA has to offer!

La Brea Tar Pits- Imagine being back in the time of the dinosaurs. Well for a brief while you can walk the lives of the ancient animals as once they walked on the Earth. You’ll take a walk along paved paths that overlook the La Brea Tar Pits. Animals such as the Saber Tooth Tiger, woolly mammoths and many others can be found in the pits. These animals have all been preserved because of the Ice Age and they are in the very spots they were found. Now you can see them as once they were. Inside you’ll be able to actually watch as paleontologists dust off bone fragments of those they’ve found, or take a tour inside and look at the dinosaur bones they have on display. If your kids love dinosaurs, they’re going to love this!

Santa Monica Beach/Pier- The Santa Monica Pier never closes, so you can arrive at night or bright and early in the morning. The best part of the pier for adults is that it’s free. Children will love the Play-land Arcade which has over 200 different types of games, even teens will be happy here! The pier is also where they have the beautiful antique carousel, designed in 1916, that your child will beg to go on repeatedly! There are more than just rides and games on the pier however. There are restaurants, vendors, shops, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and the Pacific Park itself.

Griffith Park – Inside this park your children will be entertained by the Merry-Go-Round and the railroad. The Merry-Go-Round was actually built in 1926 but still runs smoothly today. Children aren’t the only ones that’ll enjoy this park however; even adults will have a great time exploring its horse paths, golf course, etc. The train station has many types of trains from throughout history and even two special trains for the kids to enjoy. The secret botanist in you will love all the different types of greenery at the park. Before leaving this park don’t forget to visit the “Griffith Observatory,” this is the place that’ll let you view the entire city from atop its roof. You’ll be amazed at just how beautiful everything looks, especially at night.

Los Angeles is more than just a place for celebrity spotting, and expensive high profile theme parks, take a look around at the smaller parks, you’ll be surprised at how entertaining your children will find them.