April 23, 2024
Weekend Getaway In La Jolla

Weekend Getaway In La Jolla

Translated, La Jolla means “the jewel”, which is an apt name for a splendid and beautiful town full of blue water. One of California’s best oceanside towns, La Jolla is also home to many of the best beaches in the state.

When you visit, you’ll notice that there are many things to do. If your looking for something to do, here are 5 great things to occupy your time:

1. Beaches – When you hear that San Diego has great beaches, it’s the truth. La Jolla Cave, La Jolla Shores, and Windansea are the best in San Diego, and possibly even the state.

2. Birch Aquarium – Although it’s a small aquarium, it’s packed with a lot of interesting stuff and best of all – it won’t wear you out.

3. La Jolla Playhouse – This theater company is highly known around the world.

4. Walking tour – Hike Bike Kayak will offer you a splendid one hour tour that focuses on the beauty and splendor of the La Jolla Coast and the history of the city.

5. Kayaking – The Hike Bike Kayak company also offers a tour of the La Jolla sea caves, with no experience required.

A weekend trip to La Jolla is an excellent time to enjoy a leisurely brunch. The Cottage serves great cruisine in a beach bungalow atmosphere, while the Marine Room at the Sea Lodge was voted the best Sunday brunch in the area several times in a row. If your looking for a simple breakfast, with great views and few tourists, follow Coast Blvd. to the Goldfish Point Cafe.

For a getaway for the weekend, La Jolla is a hard place to beat. There’s plenty to do here, with the beaches in the summer. If you visit on hot days, you’ll spend a majority of your time on the beaches – and loving every minute of it.