March 5, 2024
Cheapest Hotels in Las Vegas

Arriving & Cheapest Hotels in Las Vegas

Arriving in Las Vegas

When you arrive in Las Vegas, you will land at the McCarran International Airport. The airport is east of the strip. Long layovers at this airport don’t have to be wasted time. Jump on a shuttle and go gambling or sightseeing before your flight. If you can’t leave the airport, there are plenty of slot machines there to keep you busy.

The cheapest way to get to your hotel is by shuttle van. The vans will wait for people in a marked area at the terminal. They make stops at most of the hotels.

Taxicabs are eagerly awaiting people getting off the planes. The highest amount you should have to pay is around $20. Be careful of drivers who want to take the quickest route. It may be quicker, but they charge by the mile, and it can be very expensive.

To find out how long it will take you to get to Las Vegas, look at this quick rundown. Dallas takes two hours. Chicago takes four hours. New York takes five hours. San Francisco takes 1 ½ hours. Sydney takes eighteen hours, and London takes about eleven hours.

If you rent a car, make sure you follow the laws in Nevada concerning driving. Residential street are usually 25 mph, where on major roads, it goes up to 45. Radar detectors are heavily employed to make sure everyone is doing the speed limit, especially in any school zones. Don’t go drinking and try to drive either. Nevade police are extremely vigilant about catching drunk drivers. You will be considered legally drunk if your blood alcohol level is above 0.08%.

Watch for road conditions that might be hazardous as well. Look for the orange cones or signs stating road work is going on. Local people tend to drive fast and be discourteous.

Cheapest Hotels in Las Vegas

Barring any of the national chain hotels, there are several hotels on the strip to stay at during your visit. This will also allow you the convenience of not having to rent a car and being able to ride the buses or trolleys down to the next hotel you want to visit.

The Circus Circus is a great place to stay especially if you brought the kids. This hotel has a lot to offer such as the circus acts and the Adventure dome and Midway. The Adventure dome is located on the second floor and is an amusement park filled with all kinds of rides, a mini golf game, and its own roller coaster. The midway also located on the second floor has dozens of video games and simulators. Both of these attractions are for kids and adults. There is a wedding chapel on the third floor and the circus acts perform right over the casino floors. So if you are waiting on the kids from the park, you can watch these acts as you play the slots or blackjack.

Rooms at this hotel run around $59 a night.
The Orleans is about two blocks off the strip and has nothing around it. However, it does have its own food court, day care center, bowling alley, and 12 screen movie theater. It also has a brand new 9,000 seat ice rink for minor hockey games. They have a shuttle that runs back and forth to the strip every fifteen minutes. The rooms are nice and have that New Orleans French feel to them. They are supposed to representative of a warm Victorian parlor.

Rooms run $39 a night
The Fremont Hotel in 1956 and Wayne Newton got his start here. Right outside the front door is the Fremont Street Experience. The only bad thing is if you go to bed before midnight, you will hear the sounds and noise of the Fremont Street Experience. This hotel has a breakfast buffet and RV park. Rooms here run around 35 a night.