February 21, 2024
Art Museums & Magicians

Art Museums & Magicians in Las Vegas

Art Museums in Las Vegas

Las Vegas does have an art scene and several places that have some awe inspiring work. There are some galleries and some work spaces for local artists.

The Art Factory is located in the Gateway District. On the first Friday of every month, they have a party and showcase all the local artists work with live music, other entertainment, and live performances.

The MGM Grand took over Steve Wynn’s fine collection of art. After he built his newest hotel, the Wynn Las Vegas after blowing up the Desert Inn Hotel, he has placed much of his artwork on display there as well. Pieces such as Picasso’s “Le Reve” and Matisse’s “The Persian Robe” bring art appreciators out of the woodworks to see what else Wynn will exhibit. Wynn apparently just set some art purchasing records when he acquired some costly masterpieces.

Bellagio Hotel has a wonderful art gallery also owned by Steve Wynn. Some couldn’t believe he opened a gallery inside the Bellagio, but it has proved profitable. They thought no one would go to see this gallery but they had to relocate the gallery because of all the tourists that came through each day. Steve Martin, the well known actor, is also a collector of art and exhibits his collection here and at the MGM Grand as well. What they have is an exhibit of European masterpieces from England’s Chatsworth Manor. There is silver, gold, rare books, furniture, and jewelry on display here. It is expensive to visit but well worth the price if you are an art lover.

A different kind of art is found at the Guggenheim/Hermitage Museum at the Venetian. This is modern art form and has one of the finest encyclopedic collections in the world. Most of the artwork is about modern pop icons. This is a co-venture between St. Petersburg in Russia and the Guggenheim Museum.

Magicians in Las Vegas

There are many different kinds of shows you can go to see. Some are hard core magicians and some are just jokesters that do magic. Most have night shows up to six nights a week.

Lance Burton, who performs at the Monte Carlo Hotel, is original in his act as well as charming. He starts the show with precise close-up magic. In one show, he tossed a bird in the air that became confetti in front of everyone. He moves onto bigger illusions and his act is extremely good. He also has a juggler in his show that can juggle a chainsaw, a peanut M&M, and a beanbag chair.

Penn and Teller are two magicians you don’t want to miss. The ever quiet Teller usually always winds up being the guinea pig to the ever boisterous Penn. They perform magic tricks and then take the time to explain how they are done. They also do juggling, make really off the wall comments, and do some really mean stunts. The stunt most want to see is Teller catch a bullet in his teeth after Penn shoots him.

Criss Angel became famous through his “Mindfreak” television show. He is located at the Luxor Hotel and performs at others in Las Vegas as well. He has done the Houdini trick “Metamorphosis” with no curtain. He has cut himself in two and put himself back together. Criss also shows his mentalist abilities when he asks people to think of certain objects or numbers.

Mac King, performing at Harrah’s hotel, is one of the best afternoon shows you can see. He is famous for close-up magic that really defies your eyes and brain. Mac’s show is perfect if you need something for the kids right before dinner or another show. He is not very expensive and is an consummate performer.