April 23, 2024
Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group & Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

Only in Las Vegas would you find a group of hairless and non-speaking guys that are blue. The Blue Man Group is really a fantastic show. They use PVC pipe as their drums, beat on drums that are filled with milk or paint, and their facial expressions throughout the performance tell the story perfectly.

A branch off the Cirque du Soleil circuit in New York, these guys slipped through the side door. But this is no repeat of Cirque du Soleil. There are no acrobatics or aerial maneuvers in this show. There are just three blue guys making lots of noise and sometimes a lot of messes.

It doesn’t sound very Vegas, but it is just another end of the color spectrum that is also used by Cirque du Soleil. They wrap themselves up in a blue suit and then paint their faces and hands blue. They don’t talk at all during the hour and half shows, but you can see in their expressions and eye what they are trying to get you to see or do.

They also let audience members in on the fun. They will choose a volunteer and take them on stage to beat the drums or pipes, and during some shows they encase the volunteer in a cocoon and then paint it blue.

They do perform for minor audiences. At the Autodesk convention in November of 2006, they did a show at the Venetian for about 8,000 attendees. Most of these people came out of the show saying how good it really was. Most also said that they would attend the live show if they had a chance.

Usually by the end of the show, the audience is roaring with laughter and amazement. Well worth the ticket price to see and you will most certainly be scratching you head in wonder as you are leaving.

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

The mentality of “Something for Everyone” even extends to the strip club business. If you walk down the strip at night, there will be people handing out flyers for the clubs. Taxis also have a sign in their cabs about different places.

The Palomino is one of the oldest clubs outside the city limits. Since they are outside the city limits, they are one of the few clubs that have both total nudity and serve alcohol. It has two levels where the featured dancers do themed dances with specific props and music.

Glitter Gulch is located right in the center of the Fremont Street Experience. They have basic shows where the women wear long gowns and slowly take them off to reveal just a G-string. This is also one of the places due to its convenience, you can visit, check it out, and leave if it is not to your liking.

The Sapphire Club is the largest strip club in Las Vegas. It has 71,000 square feet of nakedness. This one is different from most. It is not only friendly and clean, it is modern and you won’t find any attitudes here. They have giant television screens so you can keep an eye on what is happening on the other side of the room. The upstairs rooms are posh and very expensive.

Cheetah’s is a widely known strip club. It was used as the background set for the movie “Showgirls.” Renovations have been made since then and the only familiar sight in the club is the big stage where the dancers perform. This is considered a sporty frat bar and usually the age group seen here is 21 to 40. Eight television sets line the walls and the club does a good business during major sporting events.