December 6, 2023
Newport Beach Beauty

Newport Beach Beauty & Chimayo Grill

Newport Beach Beauty

With beautiful sunsets, picture-perfect beaches, and a harbor that houses some of the biggest yachts, Newport Beach California is truly an amazing place. Perfectly situated in Orange County, Newport Beach can be considered both relaxing and ritzy.

The harbor features many small islands and also houses several museums and attractions like the Newport Pier. As far as things to do here, surfing, volleyball, and romantic walks along the pier can help to fill the void. Surfing is quite renowned here, as surfers can get truly bone shattering waves from the boats that go by.

Nightlife at the Beach is no secret either, as there are many different restaurants and clubs. During the day, there are many different amusement parks and arcade games. For the kids, Newport Beach is truly an amazing vacation.

Those of you who want to visit the past, shouldn’t hesitate to visit the Balboa Pavilion, which was built in 1904. The Pavilion houses many dances, and still proves to be an inspiring Victorian structure – even to this very day.

For a tourist attraction or just a place to get away from the pressure of life, Newport Beach is breathtaking. The harbor has something for everyone, even the hard to please.

Chimayo Grill In Newport Beach

If you happen to miss the big Wine Festival in May, you shouldn’t worry as the area has a lot of fine restaurants to keep you coming back for more. One of the local favorites here, and a favorite for many visitors is the Chimayo Grill.

The Chimayo Grill is located on Fashion Island, in the chic shopping oasis. After a long day of shopping, nothing beats going to the grill for lunch or dinner. Starting with the legendary tequila infusion is great, as it consists of fresh fruit marinated in tequila. Although they taste light and fruity, they are full of tequila and pack quite a punch!

The grill is decorated in a Sante Fe style, being casual, but yet unique. You simply can’t go wrong here, as all of the food they serve is great. With so much to choose from here, you may find that it takes quite a few trips to sample everything they have to offer.

Being on Fashion Island in Newport Beach, the Chimayo Grill is in a perfect setting. You can take the kids here as well, as the grill has a nice setting. For a night out as a family or a night out to have fun – the Chimayo Grill adds a bit of spice to Fashion Island – as well as Newport Beach.