May 18, 2024
La Jolla San Diego

La Jolla San Diego

A sparkling jewel of San Diego, the La Jolla area is a picture perfect post card with several beaches along more than seven miles of coast against an array of rolling hills known as Mount Soledad.

Being a part of San Diego, La Jolla is only 15 minutes from the downtown district. Along with beautiful scenery, the area also offers many fine restaurants, art galleries, hotels and resorts, and many other attractions such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The Birch Aquarium is also a part of La Jolla, giving you the chance to enter the exciting world of sharks, living coral reefs, and many other undersea exhibits. This aquarium showcases the mysteries of the ocean and what actually lives there.

The shoreline of La Jolla consists of rocky headlands seperated by pristine coves and sandy beaches. All along the beach, you can find many different hotels and resorts, designed to make your stay a little bit better.

The North Pacific Beach extends to La Jolla, traveling from the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. If you travel north of this area, you’ll find yourself on the beaches of La Jolla.

By going to the south end of the La Jolla shoreline, you’ll find Windandsea Beach. Windandsea Beach has long had a reputation for surfers paradise, although the steep beaches and rocky cliffs can be very dangerous if you aren’t aware of them.

Close to downtown La Jolla, there is an area called Casa, which used to be a children’s pool. Now days, the area has been taken over by seals and sealions. Although children can’t swim here anymore, it’s a great pastime to lay on the beach and watch them play.

Traveling along the La Jolla shoreline, you’ll find the tide pools. These pools are great to look at, although you shouldn’t touch them. You should visit during low tide and be sure to wear rubber soled shoes, as they can get quite slippery.

The cove in La Jolla is very beautiful, although one of the smaller beaches in San Diego. On either side of the cove, there are sandstone cliffs. This helps to add an isolated feel to the cove.

Throughout La Jolla, the Shores Beach is the widest and longest beach. If you look off to the distance on the beach, you can see the Scripps Pier. Also on the beach, there are novice scuba classes held throughout the summer months.

With plenty to offer you and your family, the beaches of La Jolla are among the best in San Diego. There’s plenty to do and see here, with dining and swimming. For a great visit to the beach, La Jolla seems to simplify the best of life in California.

La Jolla Caves

Along with the beaches La Jolla gives the San Diego area, it also has some very nice caves. The caves of La Jolla are great for tours, exploring, or anyone wanting to see the best of La Jolla.

Carved into the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla, there are seven caves. Most of the time, you can visit any seven of these caves by sea kayak. Although all but one are accessible by foot, you should be very carefully when minus tides sweep the area.

The Sunny Jim Cave is one of the most popular and well known caves of La Jolla. You can enter through the Cave Store by paying a small fee. There are 145 steep steps to get through the cave, which is great for exploring and seeing the area.

The cave store can tell you many things about the caves, including tours. If you plan to visit the La Jolla area of San Diego, the caves can be a great place to explore. Those of you who have kids coming along for the trip, should remember to be very careful – as the caves provide a lot of beauty – they can also provide a lot of danger as well.